Post #105: “It’s a Poor Sort of Memory That Only Works Backwards.”

IMG_2801Dearest All,

It’s time.

Aw, but there are few things I’ve loved more than this!

When I began this project so many years and so many words ago, I was terrified that I’d run out of things to say, petering out like a gasless motorboat stuck in the middle of a lake. Instead, I think I’ve learned to paddle stealthily forward, sometimes stopping both to catch my breath and to enjoy the view. 

This blog is called Notes From The Room in My Head, of course in honor of Virginia Woolf’s  seminal A Room of One’s Own.  That book, and the fact that I’d found a large print edition of it, squirreled away on a back shelf at the public library,  was the subject of my very first blog post in August, 2014.  In this slim volume, Woolf says that to write a woman needs these absolutely essential things:  a small independent income and a quiet private space of one’s own. Moreover a woman needs time to create. I had none of these things.  And yet,

I am incredulous that somehow I consistently managed to squeeze things off the shelf to make the time to think and to write.

I’ve reveled in the experience of making myself a part of the world around me rather than floating unseeing above it all.

I am deeply moved to at last understand at last that there are connections to be made with so many who  take the time to reach out, to read, to offer. That a tentative step out the door is in fact a  brave and brassy renewable swoop of faith.

And oh dang, really and truly,  it’s been fun. And “fun,” said the inimitable Theodor S. Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, “is good.”

Was this a tiny bit of what the luminescent and brilliant Virginia Woolf was thinking all along, cajoling us,  enticing us, goading us all forward?

Over the course of this blog I’ve thought so often about time itself, how one can wrap time back upon itself through  memory, how to make it as malleable as softened marzipan, how to bend it to appreciate it’s differing shapes and changes of pace.

And now it’s time for a shift.

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.” said Lewis Carroll.  In my memory going forward then, I have many more things to say, many more things to write.  There will be a bit of a break from the blog, although the writing redoubles. You will hold my work in your hands and I fervently hope, hold it it your minds and your hearts.  You’ll all hear from me again.

Until then, a toast to each and every one of you and a wish for much happiness. Here’s to the power of the written word, to the myriad  joys of reading and writing.  Back in touch soonest.

With thanks and appreciation, C

14 thoughts on “Post #105: “It’s a Poor Sort of Memory That Only Works Backwards.”

  1. I will miss reading your blogs as it was always something fun to look forward to. Continue creating and we will await your next adventures. ❤️ Cheers!

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  2. Oh, say it isn’t so! You’re the second of my favorite bloggers in a week to declare “done” or hiatus. Please stay in touch, as I do love the contact through the ether. Will look forward to your writing in other forms!


    • Dear Kristine, You can bet I’ll stay in touch! Your incredible zeitgeist, your strong sense of self, your elegant and powerful writing has continued to buoy me. Those are things I won’t let go lightly. I’m slightly terrified of what I’ll work on next. But it’s fun to keep clamoring over higher and higher precipices. And that little bit of fear makes my fingers tingle with anticipation. Much love to you and your wonderful sons. I meant it about being in touch when you next get to New York. Until then. Warmest wishes and many many thanks to you, Cindy

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      • I only got as close as Cape Cod this summer, but am hoping for a NYC trip soon! Love that city. And thank you for the kind words. Please do stay out here in the ether . . . will miss you otherwise!


  3. I’ll certainly miss your posts and look forward to your return! Thanks so much for sharing your writing with us in these past few years. All I can say is that I have enjoyed all of your posts and some of them have touched me deeply. I am so glad I discovered your blog and look forward to reading whatever your next creation happens to be!


  4. Dear Ann, Thank you so much! I am so grateful to have to connected with you through our writing over the years and I am so happy that i can keep reading your work and feeling to some extent your connection to the world. All good things to you and yours. We will stay in touch! Sincerely, Cindy


  5. Dear Cindy,

    I will miss reading you, as I look forward to every post and, in many of them, I find so many links to the world we’ve once shared together. Kids on the grow. Uncertainty. Plans. Projects. Life on its continuum.

    Thanks for so many enjoyable moments.

    Best of luck and success.

    Love, Sonia


    • Oh, Sonia, Thanks so much! It’s meant so much to me to be able to still connect with you even in a small way across the years, across the miles. There will be more! With love to you and all of your dear ones, C


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